Gigi Lamayne Talks Colourism And Plans To Avoid Being Sabotaged In The SA Hip Hop Industry

Gigi Lamayne Talks Colourism And Plans To Avoid Being Sabotaged In The SA Hip Hop Industry. Gigi Lamayne has been active in the SA Hip Hop industry for quite some time. She is a multi-dimensional artist who always speaks her truth whether it’s in her music or on social media.

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Gigi recently took to twitter to shed light on a number of topics relating to her experience in the SA Hip Hop industry. She began by highlighting her versatility and being able to carry hip-hop through to the amapiano and house genres.

She wrote, “I’m a hip hop artist who likes mapiano and house: tell me I’ve sold out even though I continue to make rap manifest in these spaces.

Furthermore, the Fxck Everybody rapper spoke about the colourism she had to face in the SA hip-hop industry. She vocalized that she was too ugly and dark to make it in the industry and she has had to fight since she joined the industry.

I’ve had to fight since I joined This industry. Your artists Are worse though. They are traitors to the culture . I was apparently too dark and ugly to make it now people wannna smile ? Why?” Gigi wrote.

She wrote that in July 2021, she’d break her silence and tell her fans everything and she would retire to pursue music outside of South Africa to avoid being sabotaged.

July I’ll tell you everything . I’m tired

Probably retire from this country only ( of 4 ) cause they like to sabotage. I’ll pursue music elsewhere“.

She also said in her rant that one day she will be respected by SA hip-hop and everything she has put into her work.

She tweeted, “One day South African hip hop will respect me and all I’ve put into it since i came on. For now, I’m riding solo with the fans.”

She ended her rant with a plea to make South African hip-hop sound local again.

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