Scoop Makhathini Shares Why He Thinks Critics Hate On Priddy Ugly

Scoop Makhathini Shares Why He Thinks Critics Hate On Priddy Ugly. Priddy Ugly has become one of the best lyrcists in South Africa. He has told fans that 2021 is his year, and he plans to drop some fire music. He has recently been trending on twitter and Scoop Makhathini shares why he thinks that is.

Scoop Makhathini Shares Why He Thinks Critics Hate On Priddy Ugly

On the latest episode of PopCast featuring Zeus Omega, Ms Cosmo and Scoop Makhathini spoke about a number of topics including AKA’s Lobola, and A-Reece’s new album. Ms Cosmo opened up the topic of Bontle Modiselle’s consistent support for her husband Priddy Ugly and how some people have a pre-conceived notion of who Priddy Ugly is as a rapper.

Scoop Makhathini mentioned the reason why he feels people hate on Priddy Ugly. He praised Priddy Ugly for everything he has achieved musically and in his personal life and mentioned that the reason why people probably hate on him is because people want Bontle. He spoke highly about his marriage to Bontle.

He gets money, he gets bookings, he gets corporates, he’s now gotten a deal with Steyn which is not a young thing. He flew people out to Cape Town who are not as mainstream as all the poeple on Twitter like but who are in the barricade and parallels of his lane. In such a short space of time he didn’t even think of ploughing it back to himself and enjoying the spoils he put it back into the kids that are like him.”

Then we talking about f*cking marriage and being a father in these days and times. The real reason why niggas hate Priddy is cause niggas want Bontle. So to starve Priddy will force Bontle to leave, but y’all don’t know Bontle.” Scoop said.

Check out the latest episode of the PopCast here:

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