Siya Metane Drops Music Video For His New Single Fulfill

Siya Metane Drops Music Video For His New Single Fulfill. Siya Metane popularly known as Slikour has been out of the music scene for more than 10 years now. The businessman and rapper is back with new music after his 10 year hiatus from music, and hopes that his music will make an impact on those who hear it.

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The Skwatta Kamp group member recently took to twitter to announce the release of the music video for his new single Fulfill. Metane captioned the tweet with a snippet of the music video urging fans to go check it out!

His tweet read, “My new music video for “Fulfill” ft RJ Benjamin is out now! Available on Slikour On Life website and Youtube Peep it here.”

At the beginning of the music video, Metane pays tribute to his fallen group member Nish Molefe and remembers him with a candle alongside his photo. The music video was directed by Metane himself and Karabo Selolo. Metane also put his children’s name in the credits of the music video.

In an explanation about the song, Metane previously mentioned that the the song was supposed to drop in January but was delayed by the passing Nish. He explained that the song has an important meaning for him and he hopes that it will mean just as much as it does for him, for anyone else that listens to it.

He broke down in the video that his family has a rich history and while rebuilding his family home the word that kept playing in his mind was ‘Fulfilled‘. Asking RJ Benjamin to be apart of the song was a no brainer for him. Benjamin features on the track’s chorus and adds an extra layer of emotion to it which his lyrics.

Watch Siya Metane’s new music video for Fulfill featuring RJ Benjamin here:

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