YoungstaCPT Reveals Why He Gave His 2019 SA Hip Hop Award To His Grandfather

YoungstaCPT Reveals Why He Gave His 2019 SA Hip Hop Award To His Grandfather. Award winning rapper YoungstaCPT always has a story full of rich history to share with the world. The rapper knows how to capture an audience’s attention with his words and rhymes and does it so gracefully.

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Youngsta recently took to twitter to celebrate two years since the release of his 2019 album 3T. A fan commented on the rapper’s post mentioning that he loved the way his grandfather made the album with his stories and how he delivered them in the album.

The fan’s tweet read, “Your grandpa literally made the album King. He deserves an award. I liked his stories & how he told them“. Youngsta responded to the fan mentioning that’s why he gave his grandfather is 2019 Hip Hop Award. He wrote, “That’s Y? I gave the award to him…“.

Youngsta walked away with the SA Hip Hop award of Album Of The Year and Best Music Video for his track Young Van Riebeeck (YVR) in 2019.

In celebrating two years since the release of the album, the rapper mentioning that another music video from the project is in order. The rapper has already released music videos for his tracks Cape Of Good Hope, VOC, For Coloured Girls, 1000 Mistakes, To Live And Die In The CA, YAATIE, YVR, Old Kaapie, and Just Be Lekker.

The rapper has already begun 2021 on a great note by featuring on Y?Gen’s newest signee April Shower’s debut track KAASY?. The rapper also dropped a collaboration with heavyweight rapper Shane Eagle on a track titled AMMO. The two rappers also dropped a music video for the track.

Time will tell when Youngsta plans to drop his new music video but until then, watch his music video for AMMO featuring Shane Eagle here:

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