5 Beautiful AKA And Fiancée Nellie Tembe Videos Happily In Love

5 Beautiful AKA and Nellie Tembe Videos. Recently, the SA Hip Hop community was shocked and devastated by the news of the passing of AKA‘s fiancée Nellie Tembe. She passed on the 11th of April 2021, and condolences have been pouring in for both the Tembe and Forbes families.

In remembrance of Nellie, here are 5 beautiful moments that she shared with AKA that the two captured on video and fans loved couldn’t get enough of.

Nellie’s Last Moments In Cape Town

The couple were in Cape Town at the newly opened Ayepyep Lifestyle were AKA was performing live. The two were having a great time with close friends. Someone captured Nelli’s last moments as she enjoyed herself.

Relationship Tik Tok

The two made a Tik Tok video about which of them have certain traits about living together. The video included questions about who takes longer to get ready in the morning, who spends the most money and who is the social butterfly in the relationship.

Dancing To Disclosure

The two made quite a few cute videos togather whilst in lockdown in 2020. This videos shows Nelli cooking up a storm while she shows off her dancing skills. Her and AKA are dancing to a Disclosure banger which is the cutest thing ever!

Bhovamania Merchandise Shoot

Shortly before her passing, the couple did a cute photo shoot for what AKA hinted was going to be new Bhovamania merchandise. The rapper already had some merchandise out already but released more in the weeks to come. Nelli and AKA both modelled the clothing.

Valentines Day

Last but not least is a video of the cute couple on Valentines Day. A week after the two lovebirds got engaged and AKA released his music video for Finessin‘ that Nelli had a hand in producing. The two colour coordinated their feelings wearing all black.

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