Anele Tembe’s Father:”Anele Was Neither Suicidal Nor Did She Commit Suicide”

Anele Tembe’s Father: “Anele Was Neither Suicidal Nor Did She Commit Suicide”. AKA’s fiancĂ©e Anele (Nellie) Tembe, tragically passed away on the 10th of April 2021 in Cape Town. Tributes poured in from SA Hip Hop fans to the AKA and Tembe families on the passing of their fiancĂ©e and daughter and are giving her the send off that she so highly deserves.

5 Things We Know About Anele "Nellie" Tembe's Death

In a farewell for Anele held at the Durban ICC attended by family and close friends of the Tembe family, speakers are paying tribute to her as someone who loved life and had big dreams at such a young age.

In a message read by a close friend of the Tembe family’s from Anele’s father he mentioned she was fiesty and strong-willed and that he cannot allow a certain narrative to be pushed. He can be quoted saying,

I cannot allow an unfortunate narrative to go unchallenged. A narrative irks me to no end… that Anele my daughter was chronically suicidal or had suicidal tendencies… Not a single member of my family, Anele’s family would have ever associated her with suicide. It never arose.

As Anele’s father I hereby state that Anele was neither suicidal nor did she commit suicide.” he continue to say.

In his message at the farewell he also addressed award winning rapper AKA and mentioned that he knew AKA loved Anele but their relationship needed more. “I knew Kiernan loved my daughter but their companionship needed more than love. It had to be premised and embedded on a Godly foundation.” He said.

He mentioned that he was happy for her daughter when AKA was introduced to him as her partner and even suggested that the two attend proper premarital counselling as they prepare to get married.

The couple were together for just over a year and were engaged in February 2021.

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