Scoop: “Everybody Has Been Scared About AKA & Nellie Since December”

Scoop: “Everybody Has Been Scared About AKA & Nellie Since December”. Since the announcement of the passing of Nellie Tembe, the moods and emotions of members of the SA Hip Hop community has been quite somber where everyone is still trying to wrap their heads around the sudden tragedy.

Scoop: "Everybody Has Been Scared About AKA & Nellie Since December"

On the latest episode of POPcast, Ms Cosmo and Scoop Makhathini hosted Bontle Modiselle to speak on a number of topics including the release of Emtee’s brand new album Logan, and Boity’s new venture into alcohol. The three also spoke about the death of Nellie Tembe that shocked the nation.

Ms Cosmo opened up the topic and highlighted that it was very sad news for the community to hear about Nellie’s passing because they have been speaking about how excited they are about AKA and Nellie’s wedding. She sent love and prayers to the Tembe and Forbes families.

Bontle mentioned that after the process of lobola (a process that she has gone through herself) and going into planning a wedding, one’s goals are at an all time high. Scoop picked up from what she said highlighting that there were newspaper articles and clips where a woman attempted to commit suicide at the Hilton Hotel.

The story had no names mentioned but he stated that those who were in the know, knew who it was about because the articles mentioned a famous rapper who is dating a girl from Durban.

Scoop continued saying, “That was hard to take in. Now it’s like damn, and I was just with these people speaking about it on the show. And to be honest, everybody has been scared about this you know. Especially I think after December, everyone was scared and when he actually went to the family and we saw the pictures I was like okay.

To be honest with you, I’m worried about Kiernan’s energy. Like I’m not gonna speak about AKA right now, I’m just worried about Kiernan’s energy. He’s survived a lot of things, but the people around him don’t survive as much as him.

Scoop closed off by quoting Nellie’s hook from AKA’s Finessin‘.

Watch the latest episode of the POPcast here:

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