5 Things We Know About Anele “Nellie” Tembe’s Death

5 Things We Know About Anele “Nellie” Tembe’s Death. The death of Nellie Tembe brought shock to South Africans when it was announced on Sunday the 11th of April 2021. Tributes poured in from AKA‘s fans and supports of the SA Hip Hop community when her passing was announced.

There were plenty of reports about Nellie’s sudden death but many were confused and unsure about the particular details relating to her passing. Here are 5 Things we know about Nellie’s death.

1. Location, Time And Date

It was confirmed that the in the early hours of the 11th of April 2021, Nellie‘s body was found around 7:30 am by a nearby security guard who was first on the scene of the tragic incident. Her body was found on the corners of Loop and Bloem streets in Cape Town CBD.

2. Details About The Incident

According to local news reports, it was confirmed that Nellie fell from the 10th floor of the popular Cape Town hotel the Peperclub Hotel. Paramedics reported that when they arrived on the scene she had sustained polytraumatic injuries. Her injuries were too severe and she was declared deceased.

3. Investigation Into The Incident

Western Cape police spokesperson Captain FC van Wyk confirmed that there is currently an investigation underway into the incident after Nelli’s body was found.

4. AKA And Nellie’s Trip To Cape Town

The couple were enjoying Cape Town and were seen shopping at V&A Waterfront. The couple also went to the newly opened Ayepyep club in Cape Town CDB where AKA was performing.

5. Family Statement

The Tembe and Forbes families released a statement where they asked for privacy to heal from Nelli’s death. The statement also mentioned that AKA is currently inconsolable and is surrounded by his family and closest friends. Nellie was only twenty two years old at the time of her death.

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