“Just Be Honest” Nota On Why Kwesta Can’t Access His YouTube Channel

“Just Be Honest” Nota On Why Kwesta Can’t Access His YouTube Channel. Nota Baloyi and Kwesta had a close working relationship back in the days as Kwesta was coming up as a rapper in the SA Hip Hop industry. The two have since parted ways but it seems as if Nota has some answers for Kwesta’s fans.

Nota Baloyi Explains Where His Relationship With Kwesta Currently Is

The multi platinum selling rapper recently went on his twitter page to share the visuals fro his latest release ‘Fire In The Ghetto’. When asked by a fan why he had to start a new YouTube channel he explained that he can’t access one with all his other music videos. Nota joined the interaction on twitter and provided some answers for the rapper’s fans about the situation.

Nota began explaining that the rapper has a million followers across various social media platforms, a roof over his head, and can feed his kids because of him. He said that Kwesta should show some gratitude and then claimed that he wasn’t paid for his efforts.

You have more than a million followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram thanks to me. A roof over your head and can feed your kids. Don’t thank me now but at least show some gratitude not brat-itude. I wasn’t paid for the blood, sweat and tears it took to build that!” Nota wrote.

The music executive continued to explain that Africori can’t access the Vevo YouTube Page and Urbantainment is not prepared to surrender what they have built for Kwesta. He says that Kwesta should just be honest and say that the page did not belong to him in the first place.

Africori can’t access Vevo and Urbantainment won’t surrender everything we build for you to exploit without compensating. I can’t pretend that this snide response to a simple question isn’t malicious. Just be honest and say “it wasn’t my page to begin with and DaKAR is BNS IP…””

Nota ended off by saying that he has done nothing to deserve being Kwesta weaponising the fanbase he created against him and that he doesn’t deserve to be humiliated.

I don’t know if you were on something or just had a momentary lapse but I’ve done nothing to deserve you weaponising the fanbase I built and developed for you against me in any way shape or form. I don’t deserve to be humiliated by you after all I’ve done for you. Do not do that!” Nota wrote.

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