Nota Baloyi Apologizes To Nasty C For The Comments He Made About His ‘Zulu Man With Some Power’ Album

Nota Baloyi Apologizes To Nasty C For The Comments He Made About His ‘Zulu Man With Some Power’ Album. Music executive and SA Hip Hop commentator Nota Baloyi has come under fire for his comments about the industry in general. He is never shy to express his opinions about the industry but some don’t usually take his comments lightly.

After the release of Nasty C‘s ‘Zulu Man With Some Power’ album, Nota reviewed the album and mentioned that he didn’t feel that Nasty C deserves the title of ‘Zulu Man With Some Power’. On a newly created twitter page, Nota apologized to Nasty C about his remarks about the album.

He mentioned that after watching Nasty C’s episode with Sizwe Dhlomo he realized that his review of the Zulu Man With Some Power album tormented Nasty C and he expressed his sincerest apologies to the rapper.

I watched the AMPD Studios podcast with Nasty C and Sizwe Dhlomo yesterday and I realised something I couldn’t have figured out without watching it and I must thank Sizwe for the line of questioning that revealed it. My review of his album tormented him and ended his career.

I’m honestly and sincerely sorry for the pain I evidently caused him. I see his plan is to use his Podcast to get revenge but I must warn him that his vendetta against me is toxic and self destructive. He depends on being likeable and his current behaviour makes him an asshole…“. Nota wrote.

Nota continued by mentioning that he doesn’t care too much about being popular and that if people watch his latest features on various Hip Hop podcasts they would know that he has great admiration for Nasty C and was a bit too critical on the ‘cultural appropriation’ of the album.

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