Kwesta: “Nota Has This Idea That I’m His Artist”

Kwesta: “Nota Has This Idea That I’m His Artist”. Since his arrival onto the music scene, Kwesta has had a number of great minds around him that contributed to the artist that he is today. Unfortunately things did turn sour and he isn’t with some of his team anymore, notably Nota Baloyi.

Nota Baloyi Explains Where His Relationship With Kwesta Currently Is

The multi platinum selling rapper recently joined MacG for an interview about his time at Buttabing entertainment, meeting Slikour, his hit single Ngud’ and his upcoming album g.o.d GULUVA. The two specifically got to speaking about Kwesta’s ex manager and now music executive Nota Baloyi and everyone else that Kwesta worked with.

In the interview he mentions that him and Nota never spoke to each other about working together about something that was completely defined and MacG then questioned how Nota became Kwesta’s manager. The Ngud’ rapper mentions that Nota became his manager in his own words “not by any contract or by any conversation“.

The biggest f*ck up that people do, that we did is just say ase spane (let’s just work). Kante wena, you’re working under different circumstances or terms and I’m working on different sh*t and in your head you’re the record label, in my head you’re not but that’s how we were working. And then 15 years later we realize or you point out or you make it seem like I didn’t or have always known that this was the case or vice versa.” Kwesta said.

MacG then asked Kwesta when the fallout happened and if it was around the time of when Ngud’ came out. Kwesta mentioned that he thinks their fallout started in 2018. He then expanded on the topic.

I was never in charge of anything except what I do in the studio. But I think my fault is that I wanted it like that, I didn’t wanna f*ck with all that other sh*t because I knew in my head, how it works is that.. I know why niggas are here, niggas are here because I’m dope it’s the bottom line whether it’s a dick thing to say or not.

“I’m saying that under the pretenses at which things run, Nota has this idea that I’m his artist like he signed me and obviously that he made me and I’m saying that cause he’s obviously been saying that.” Kwesta mentioned.

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