Makwa Speaks Out On How His Love For Music Died

Makwa Speaks Out On How His Love For Music Died. Producer and rapper Makwa has been vocal before about his lonely road on the music journey. Although he has been a driving force on some of the biggest songs in SA Hip Hop, he is also human like anyone else and feels comfortable opening up about his personal issues.

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The Touch My Blood producer took to his Instagram page to share an emotional post about how his love for music died. In the post he explains that he remembers asking the person that signed him to take him to school to pursue a qualification in sound engineering. He mentions that his mom didn’t want him to study music which led him to being kicked out of their home.

His post read, “About 4 years ago, I remember asking the “person” who signed me to please take me to school so i can study sound engineering cause my mom didn’t want me to study anything that has to do with music. I could’ve been left with a accolade or something. My Love For Music Died. I was kicked out when all I ever wanted was to be a DJ.

You know sometimes I just wish I had a Dad to help me out just by talking to him. I have two kids now but all ready I feel like I’m failing them. I hate my life cause I can’t be free whenever I because people what me to be who they want me to be. All my life I’ve been living to please people. WHAT ABOUT ME AM I WORTH LIVING“.

Makwa has always been open about the situations he faces in his life be it personal or work related.

In January 2021 Makwa accused rappers of skipping out on payments for the work producers have done for them. He said that some rappers flex on Instagram but can’t pay their producers.

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