Priddy Ugly Drops A Teaser From His Upcoming Album

Priddy Ugly Drops A Teaser From His Upcoming Album. Priddy Ugly has brought a versatile energy to the SA Hip Hop game. With his complex lyricism and high energy, he always gives the best he can give to all his solo tracks and his features!

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Zoocci Coke Dope took to twitter to share that Priddy Ugly has 7 tracks in his vault that are yet to be released and that he has kept under wraps. He also used the opportunity to congratulate Priddy for making a masterpiece. His tweet wrote, “Priddy Ugly HAS 7 DRAGONBALLS HE AiNT TOLD NOBODY ABOUT. LOOKiNG FORWARD TO WHEN YOU LET THEM HAVE iT BRO. YOU MADE A MASTERPiECE.

Priddy Ugly responded to Zoocci’s tweet saying that because he has his stamp of approval, his music is ready. He also dropped a teaser for the upcoming music. “WITH THE PIFF AUDIO CHIEF’S STAMP OF APPROVAL – SHENRON IS READY TO BE SUMMONED” The rapper wrote. Check out Priddy Ugly’s teaser here:

Priddy Ugly announced earlier in 2021 that his sophomore album is ready to serve. The rapper anticipates that with his release he’ll have the Rap Album of the year. He has not announced a release date for the album yet.

He has already dropped two singles Rainbow and A Reminder To You that have been well received by his fans. His new album will come after the release of his last full length project Glory on Any Territory that dropped in 2019.

The 02Hero rapper also secured a deal with Steyn Entertainment’s record label division Stay Low for his independent record label Global African Sounds. The rapper scored a partnership with the division to broaden the reach of his music. The deal is not only a win for him but for SA Hip Hop as a whole.

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