Sjava Reveals What Job He’d Be Doing If He Wasn’t A Musician

Sjava Reveals What Job He’d Be Doing If He Wasn’t A Musician. Sjava is one of South Africa’s most diverse artists and has a unique way of capturing artists with his music. He says music chose him, but he speaks about what he’d be doing if he wasn’t a musician.

Sjava Shares The Explanation He Got From A Record Label About Why He Couldn't Be Signed In 2015

The award winning artist had #AskSjava running on Twitter recently where fans were open to ask him anything about his music career. One of the questions the Umama hit maker was asked was what he’d be doing if he wasn’t a musician.

Sjava gave an unexpected answer but mentioned that if he wasn’t a famous musician he’d be a clown because he loves to make people smile.

His tweet read, “A Clown. I like putting smiles on people’s faces hence the name Jabulani”.

In another question he was asked what he would do to change the industry if he had the chance. He mentioned that he would change the fact that producers don’t get a portion of what the artist makes whilst performing a track. He mentioned it’s important for them to get a cut because they created the track.

He also revealed that he would be open to working with upcoming musicians in the industry.

He also spoke about how he was rejected by a big record label in 2015 when he sent them his music. He said that he was rejected because he doesn’t have any social media pages.

Sjava has grown to become an internationally recognised artist who has travelled with local South African sounds and has plenty of awards to show for it.

The multi talented artist has not revealed his music plans for 2021 but has already featured on a music video track titled Ukhala Kanjani featuring Mbuzeni.

Fans can’t wait to see what Sjava has planned for 2021!

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