Vic Mensa On Why He Thinks American Artists Come To South Africa And Only Post Pictures Of The Township

Vic Mensa On Why He Thinks American Artists Come To South Africa And Only Post Pictures Of The Township. Grammy nominated rapper Vic Mensa has been exploring what South Africa has to offer by visiting all our country’s significant spots. He has been spending time with his newly announced partner Nadia Nakai and hanging out with the who’s who of Mzansi.

Vic Mensa Names The Two SA Rappers He Wants To Collaborate With

The Down On My Luck rapper recently had an interview with Nadia Nakai and MTV Base’s Shamiso Mosaka about his collaboration with Nadia, Practice. The three spoke about how Nadia and Vic got into contact, how the collaboration come about and what people should take away from the song.

Shamiso specifically asked Vic how it feels to collaborate with a South African artist because when American artists come to South Africa they encourage the narrative that South Africa only has animals and only snap places like Soweto and the Lion Park. She rounded her question off by asking him how he felt being around local artists and seeing sides to South Africa that a lot of people don’t show.

Vic explained that he feels South Africa is such a beautiful country and has incredible range. “Going to Soweto and being in the township areas, you know that’s interesting so I imagine that American artists that might come and they might wanna take pictures of you know the things that y’all would call the dust because that’s different from what we see, what we have and what we experience.

We got sh*t that look just like Sandton you know what I’m saying. I mean Sandton is like.. the level of wealth in South Africa is extreme but I do agree though that the narrative people need to understand is that… it’s abundance that’s what I like to say. The narrative that is being pushed in Africa in totality is one of scarcity not as the most abundant place on the planet which it is.” He explained.

Watch the full interview here:

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