Yanga Chief: “I Won’t Be What Other Xhosa Rappers Were”

Yanga Chief: “I Won’t Be What Other Xhosa Rappers Were”. Award winning rapper Yanga Chief has carried his Xhosa culture throughout most of his music. The Utatakho rapper has risen to be one of the most prominent artists in the country and has dreams to continue growing Xhosa rap in South Africa.

Yanga Chief Hints At Follow Up Album To His Successful Debut 'Pop Star'

Yanga Chief recently took to his twitter page to speak up for Xhosa rappers in the country. He mentioned that no one can ever separate him from Xhosa rap and that he plans to bring a movement through Xhosa rap.

He tweeted, “I stand for Xhosa Rap. You can’t separate me from it or take just me. That’s what those other niggas that made it hard for niggas us agreed to. Take us. Sonke mfondini! I won’t be what other Xhosa rappers were. I’m bringing a movement! From Cape to Komani.“.

Besides just rapping in Xhosa, Yanga Chief brings every aspect of being a Xhosa person into his music. In an interview about his music he explained why it was important for him to work with MaXhosa Africa on his album cover. The successful rapper explained that him and Laduma Ngxokolo share the same clan name and that it has always been pre destined for the two of them to work together.

He has also mentioned in a previous interview that his track BBAF is a shout out to other Xhosa rappers that are redefining what Xhosa rap is.

After his track Utatakho blew up on the SA Hip Hop streets, the rapper travelled down to Mthatha in the Eastern Cape to meet King Dalindyebo who he references in the track.

The Fort Hare rapper has announced that he is working on another album to create a trilogy of albums. His next album will possible be titled Pop Star 2 but Yanga has not announced any release dates for the upcoming project.

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