AKA’s Father Speaks Out After GBV Movement Calls For AKA To Be Muted

AKA’s Father Speaks Out After GBV Movement Calls For AKA To Be Muted. AKA has landed in hot water after a news report was published showing the nature of his relationship with Anele “Nellie” Tembe. Nellie passed away on the 11th of April in Cape Town after falling from the 10th floor of the Pepper Club Hotel in Cape Town. The rapper’s father is now taking a stand and defending his son.

GBV Organization Women For Change recently spoke out demanding that AKA‘s music be muted from all radio stations and streaming services. Ntsiki Mazwai also called for his music to be muted. AKA’s father Tony Forbes commented under Women For Change’s Instagram posts writing that he knows more than what appears in the video and that the organization should look deeper before they judge.

The organization responded saying that it is painful and that no one is calling him guilty and that the truth should be revealed. They end off by saying that accountability is what they want.

This is very painful for all of us. We aren’t calling him guilty we want to know the truth! We care mostly about the many women who have been abused and murdered in this country. We believe the women and men who speak up and we finally need to hold people accountable. If the police and justice system would work in this country we would know the facts already. No one wants to ruin AKAs career, that’s not the point. No one cares really! We want accountability.” They write.

He responded writing that he supports them and they are correct in saying accountability is the right principle and commends their leadership.

Forbes also spoke to TshisaLIVE about what pushed him to respond to their Instagram post about his son. He mentions that it becomes frustrating to watch a loved one being tarnished. He emphasied that relationships do have their ups and downs but when talking about it we have to be truthful and accountable to the overall truth.

Relationships are very difficult to navigate, I can only imagine what one under public scrutiny is like. Do all relationships have their ups and downs? Absolutely, and Kiernan’s relationship with Anele was one of those. But in talking about it we have to be truthful and be accountable to the overall truth of it.” He said.

Forbes mentions that he supports the GBV movement however in the same breath we should caution ourselves from acting in haste and cancelling people without the full facts.

We have to interrogate allegations. In this instance, we are going off based on images grabbed from an unseen video that rightfully evokes emotions. We should be asking ourselves where the video was shot and what is the context of it with audio. As a family, we oppose GBV and do not endorse such behaviour“.

Speaking on how AKA has been dealing he said that the rapper has found it difficult to express himself but has been pouring his feelings into making music. and that Anele’s passing has affected him in ways they will never understand.

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