Blxckie Speaks On The Patience He Had To Have Before Blowing Up In SA Hip Hop

Blxckie Speaks On The Patience He Had To Have Before Blowing Up In SA Hip Hop. Blxckie is one of SA Hip Hop’s best success stories. The rapper from Durban worked tirelessly to perfect his craft and released a bunch of songs on SoundCloud before he became a mainstream artists. Blxckie sheds light on what it took to be patient with himself before making it to where he is now.

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The rapper recently joined Zkhiphani for an interview about his rise in SA Hip Hop, the power of collaboration and how photographer and videographer Ntando Butho has assisted in growing his brand. On the topic of his rise in SA Hip Hop, the rapper was asked how he would define his rise in the industry. He answered by saying he’d describe his rise in Hip Hop as gradual because he had to be patient while working on his craft.

There’s a lot that happened that people didn’t really see happening. I had to be patient for like a long time. before I even jumped onto SoundCloud, even when I was on SoundCloud I had to wait cause like it’s not like a big platform. So I had to wait for like plays.”

I think SoundCloud was the thing that made me want to listen to my own music cause when I drop it, I wanna hear what people are hearing. Especially when someone likes it, I was like why did this person like this song lemme just hear it one more time. It was a lot of different turning points, like when I went to stay with Sallie that was one turning point or when I did the Big Time Sh’lappa that was a big turning point.” He explained.

Blxckie continued to say that between all those different moments in his career there was a lot of work and that justifies why he says his rise was gradual.

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