Did Da L.E.S Already Address Alleged Baby Mama Drama With AKA On His Latest Album?

Did Da L.E.S Already Address Alleged Baby Mama Drama With AKA On His Latest Album? Over the years Da L.E.S and AKA have been almost inseparable. The two rappers have been besties throughout their career and even featured on each other’s hit songs. A new revelation has come to light about why the two aren’t allegedly as close anymore and has left everyone shocked.

On MacG’s latest episode of Podcast And Chill, he says he received an anonymous letter from an alleged family member of Anele Tembe‘s from KwaZulu-Natal who revealed some shocking things about Anele’s relationship with AKA. A portion of the letter mentioned that Anele was dealing with AKA allegedly sleeping with multiple women throughout their relationship, one of those women being Da L.E.S’ baby mama Aurea Alexander.

The letter provided specific detail about how Anele found out about the alleged affair, how AKA paid Aurea off and how Da L.E.S confronted him.

It is possible that Da L.E.S already addressed the alleged baby mama drama with AKA on his latest album Caution To The Wind. In a track titled Gucci Snakes, Da L.E.S makes reference to a baby mama.

The lyric in the song reads, “Nigg*s would try to buy your soul just to take your place. Try to f*ck your baby mama to see how it tastes. Hand shakes associates a turn to Gucci snakes.

The specific time of when the incident occured is a bit blurred because AKA is still featured on Da L.E.S’ album on the single Starlight.

A portion of the letter MacG read on his series reads, “But what really shook Nellie was when she found out sexual messages on the phone of AKA and Da L.E.S’ baby mama. She was devastated the messages broke her heart it was all there in plain sight, AKA was having an affair with Aurea.

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