Ifani Stands Up For Big Xhosa Against Cassper After Their Twar

IFani Stands Up For Big Xhosa Against Cassper After Their Twar. Since Big Xhosa’s diss track to SA Hip Hop blew up, SAMA award winning rapper iFani has showed an interest in the young rapper. iFani took an opportunity to stand up for him against Cassper after a heated Twitter argument.

Family Tree CEO Cassper and Big Xhosa got into a back and forth on Twitter recently when Cassper brought up the topic of Celebrity Boxing Matches. Big Xhosa said that he could knock Cassper out in one round and Cassper accepted the challenge saying they should battle it out.

After both rappers trended, their fans seemed excited for the upcoming match up which led to other celebrities also being thrown into the mix. iFani stood up for Big Xhosa against Cassper saying that he should leave Big Xhosa alone because if he touches Big Xhosa he touches him too. He also asked to be unblocked by Cassper.

Dear Cassper Nyovest Leave Big Xhosa alone. You touch him, you touch me. And thina asilwi namakhwenkwe, Siwatswikila amasende, avulek ingqondo. (And unblock me please; it’s 2021)”. iFani wrote.

Nota also apologised to Big Xhosa for Cassper picking on him and said that Cassper needed the NINYILE rapper for clout because in his own words, “He dropped two singles that flopped”. He also said Cassper was jealous that Nota himself was trending.

iFani and Big Xhosa have both shown interest in working with each other and iFani has already teased that he will feature on Big Xhosa track. According to iFani’s Twitter, the track is titled ikuk’endala but no release date has been shared.

Big Xhosa is set to release an album in 2021 after the success of his tracks. All his YouTube videos have over 50k views with some of them reaching above 100k views.

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