Cassper Reacts To Big Xhosa Being Compared To Emtee, Challenges Big Xhosa To A Boxing Match

Cassper Reacts To Big Xhosa Being Compared To Emtee, Challenges Big Xhosa To A Boxing Match. Family Tree CEO Cassper Nyovest has always had hopes that he would step into the boxing ring with AKA. Their plans did not turn out as successfully as they had both hoped and Cassper asked tweeps which two celebrities should step into the ring together.

With the #CelebrityBoxing hashtag, Cassper sparked conversation about how celebrity boxing is big in the States and asked fans who he felt which two people would make a great boxing fight. One fan responded “Big Xhosa vs Emtee“. Cassper laughed off the idea saying that it would be interesting but Big Xhosa is not a celebrity and also said that they should but respect on Emtee’s name.

Big Xhosa did not take well to Cassper‘s comment writing that he feels he would knock both him and Emtee out in the first round. The Good For That hitmaker responded saying he would break him and that he knows Big Xhosa wants clout but it won’t end well. “Mfanaka, nkao Roba roba I won’t even lie to you. Don’t do this, I know you want clout Mara tswada. It’s not gonna end well. #CelebrityBoxing“. Cassper wrote.

Big Xhosa responded writing “Ubindiwe wena Cassper! I wass chilling minding my business and you said something about me and I responded. now I’m the one that wants clout? Bruh don’t even mention me at all, go back to blocing me wena Bockist!

Cassper clapped back at Big Xhosa highlighting that all he was saying is that he is not a celebrity and asks him straight up if he meant his words or if he was just tryna get clout. He then writes, “You wanna step in the ring or not? I will make you a celebrity overnight!!! #CelebrityBoxing“.

Their back and forth continued with Big Xhosa saying that he wasn’t swearing he was saying “F*ck being a celebrity, you won’t do shit to me“.. He said that he doesn’t even want to be a celebrity but he’ll still knock Cassper out. Cassper then asked him how soon he wants to have the fight.

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