K.O Shares His Unexpected Take On Ghost Writers

K.O Shares His Unexpected Take On Ghost Writers. The conversation in SA Hip Hop around Ghost Writers has been happening for some time now with some fans accusing rappers of acquiring the help of ghost writers to write some solid bars for their singles or albums. Sometimes people see ghost writers as a good thing, but some are completely against the idea.

K.O Gives Fans An Update On How Far His New Album Is

After taking a little bit of a hiatus on social media, K.O has been active recently as he interacts with his fans. A fan mentioned that he was happy that the Supa Dupa rapper had taken some time to interact with his fans. K.O mentioned that life has been busy for him especially because he is a designer, runs a record label, and producers and writes his own albums. He reassured the fan by mentioning that when he does have time he’ll interact with fans.

Another tweep jumped into the interaction and asked K.O if he has a record or a verse that someone wrote for him. K.O responded to the tweep writing that he hasn’t felt compelled to receive that kind of assistance but he also said that there’s nothing wrong with getting help in hip hop these days. He then said that the stigma behind ghost writers is ancient.

Haven’t felt compelled to get that type of assistance, fortunately. There’s nothing wrong with getting help in hiphop these days, as long as the end product is good… that stigma around ghostwriter is ancient“. He wrote.

The rapper is gearing up to release his first single of 2021 and fans could not be more excited for his return to the music game. After 7 years apart, K.O is teaming up with Lunatik Beats to produce a banger! The song is titled K:HOVA and will drop on the 7th of May 2021.

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