Kwesta Questions His Happiness After His Success In The Hip Hop Industry

Kwesta Questions His Happiness After His Success In The Hip Hop Industry. Kwesta is easily one of South Africa’s most successful rappers. The multi award winning rapper bagged 5 SAMAs for his album DaKAR II and celebrated the album selling 7x Platinum. Kwesta has worked hard to get to where he is today but he is also stepping back and questioning if he is where he wants to be emotionally.

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The Fire in the Ghetto hitmaker recently featured in online publication’s Pan African Magazine for an interview about his new album g.o.d Guluva and everything around the album itself. He also spoke a little about his DaKar II album and where he currently is in his life.

The interviewer and Kwesta began speaking about the last track and second single of the album Who I Am and the meaning behind the song. The rapper revealed that even though he knows he has been successful in the South African Hip Hop industry, he is unsure of if he is really content and happy.

Am I who I wanted to be when I got here? All my stuff is successful but am I really content and happy? I’m getting there, but I don’t know where it’s going or when I’m going to feel like this is it.” He said.

He went on to explain that g.o.d Guluva shows his evolution and growth and mentioned that the best way to fully understand where he is mindset is, is through his album art designed by Johannesburg artist Nelson Makamo. He explained that the cover art represents someone leaving the township for a better life somewhere else that has held him back.

Kwesta’s brand new album g.o.d Guluva has a long list of features with notable mentions, Yanga Chief, Focalistic, Reason, Zingah, Makwa and Thabsie. He has hinted that his third single from the album will be Kubo.

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