Kwesta Tells His Version Of How Things Went Down At Rap Lyf Records

Kwesta Tells His Version Of How Things Went Down At Rap Lyf Records. Rap Lyf Records was the record label that Kwesta was releasing his music under. According to various role players in the company, things didn’t go as some had planned and has been leaving SA Hip Hop fans with a number of questions about what really went down.

Kwesta On Who The Current Owners Of Rap Lyf Records Are

After Kwesta, Nota, and Makwa all appeared on different platforms to speak about the downfall of Rap Lyf, it seems as if the stories they have told about the label aren’t making sense to the SA Hip Hop fans. Kwesta took matters into his own hands to tell his version of the story on Twitter.

He started off by saying that him, Leroy and Nota started working together based on purely just trust and that the plan was to create a platform where TLT and Makwa could progress in the industry.

Kwesta then mentions that as success began to roll in because of everyone’s efforts there was a difference in ideas, mismanagement of funds amongst other things and says him, Nota and Leroy are all guilty for this. “As success came, through everyone’s efforts – Difference of ideas, mismanagement of funds and many other things led to distrust. I’m guilty of some of these things and so are Nota and Leroy.” He wrote.

He continued saying “We never, at any point, owned a single company together. We just worked as though we did and this led to the realisation that we didnt have the same goals anymore.“.

All three of them had different responsibilities in the company. Leroy handled the finances, Nota was the music executive, and Kwesta was to source funds through performances and endorsements.

Kwesta then highlights that Nota often mentioned that funds were being mismanaged and artists and producers always complained about how they were being represented in the split sheets. “Many times Nota came and said funds were being mismanaged and many times, artists/producers complained about how they were represented in split sheets. My lack of action towards this is partly why we are here today.

Kwesta then mentioned that because of everything there are things that Makwa and TLT believe happened that Kwesta knows that he doesn’t. He then mentions he never refused for the accounts to be audited and had actually asked that they be audited.

Kwesta closed off by saying that he has no doubt that there was mismanagement and highlighted that he has never taken money that belonged to anyone.

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