Nasty C Shares The Song From His Catalogue That He Says Defines Him

Nasty C Shares The Song From His Catalogue That He Says Defines Him. Nasty C is a rapper that is much loved in the SA Hip Hop industry. The 24 year old star’s music has travelled to different parts of the globe earning him a much greater audience for his sound. The rapper has even bagged studio time with some of the world’s biggest artists and it all started because of his love for rap music at a young age.

Forbes Africa Names Nasty C An Icon On The African Continent

The Black and White rapper recently featured on The Morning Hustle with host Headkrack to discuss what he has been up to whilst in America. They also spoke about Nasty C’s relationship with his girlfriend and his career.

Headkrack specifically asked Nasty C what he feels the song that has defined him is, and also built on it saying it should be what Nasty feels is his most important record. The rapper hesitated to answer the question at first giving himself some time to answer. He mentions that the song defines the way he looks at things.

Like, I’m proud of this song and this song really did a lot of stuff for me and it really took me to a whole new level and it really just defines the way I look at things, my resilience and stuff like that it’s a song called Hell Naw that I dropped probably 2015, 2016 something like that but now when I listen to it like my delivery is better, I know more about music now and about quality and stuff like that.

When I listen to it now like I cringe and stuff but um it really is an important song to me and it really played a huge role in my career. Back at home I still perform that song and it still goes crazy.” He explained.

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