Nota Details How Kwesta Embezzled Rap Lyf Records Funds

Nota Details How Kwesta Embezzled Rap Lyf Records Funds. Nota Baloyi and multi award winning rapper Kwesta worked together for years and after their success together they closed the door on their partnership. Since they’ve gone on their own routes, the two have told their sides of what happened on different platforms but it seems as if there’s more to the story than what they’ve already expressed.

"Just Be Honest" Nota On Why Kwesta Can't Access His YouTube Channel

On a Twitter post by Nota, a tweep commented under the post asking him to give Kwesta back his YouTube page and his royalties. In Nota’s response, he writes that he has given Kwesta everything that’s his and then claims that Kwesta embezzled funds from Rap Lyf Records.

In his tweet he wrote, “I have given him everything that’s his… I also forgave him for embezzling the Rap Lyf funds and walked away with nothing like Kid X!

The tweep also asked Nota if he plans to have a sit down with Kwesta because it also seems that Kwesta is unaware of what went wrong in the business. Nota replied very strongly writing that Kwesta knows exactly what went wrong in the business and mentions that the successful rapper refused to have the Rap Lyf books audited and that he sabotaged Kid X’s album promo for which he has called out for by OG rapper Ntukza. Nota notes that as some of the reasons that he left.

His tweet read, “He knows exactly what went wrong. He refused to have the Rap Lyf books audited, he sabbotaged Kid X’s album promo which is why Ntukza called him out. That’s some of the reasons why I walked away. I gave him full transparency over my side of the business and have paid his dues!“.

Kwesta recently featured on MacG’s podcast and was asked who the current directors of Rap Lyf Records were. The Fire in the Ghetto rapper responded that he didn’t know.

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