Kwesta On Who The Current Owners Of Rap Lyf Records Are

Kwesta On Who The Current Owners Of Rap Lyf Records Are. Multi Platinum selling rapper Kwesta has proven time and time again to SA Hip Hop that he can bring the heavyweight bars to a track and also produce chart topping hit songs. The rapper has had some hiccups in the past with his management and seems ready to be open about everything.

Kwesta Drops Visuals For 'Fire In The Ghetto' Off Upcoming Album

The Fire in the Ghetto rapper was MacG’s latest guest on his ‘Podcast And Chill’ series. The two spoke on a number of topics including Kwesta’s new album g.o.d Guluva, his family life, and his time spent at Buttabing Entertainment. Kwesta specifically spoke about the break up with his team which was made up of himself, Kid X, Nota Baloyi, Leroy Khoza and said that they don’t really speak.

MacG asked if they see each other at shows and mentioned that he sees fellow rapper Kid X. Kwesta also mentioned that the tricky thing with their team break up is that neither him, Kid X have spoken about their break up on their own accord but Nota has told his side of the story on various platforms.

MacG asked if him and Kid X have a label together referring to Rap Lyf Records which both rappers were releasing music under. Kwesta simply answered the question with, “not anymore“. When asked who owns Rap Lyf Kwesta answered, “Rap Lyf? I don’t know“.

Kwesta also threw it back and spoke about how him and his team got together to discuss ways forward in the business and Nota was the only person with a registered company to his name being Urbantainment so they signed with Sony under Urbantainment which was supposed to be changed later. Kwesta revealed that he never signed a contract with Urbantainment but was under the label because of an agreement they made.

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