Stogie T On Why He Feels 2013 To 2017 Wasn’t The Best Era Of SA Hip Hop

Stogie T On Why He Feels 2013 To 2017 Wasn’t The Best Era Of SA Hip Hop. Stogie T is a rapper who always has his facts straight when it comes to different times of SA Hip Hop. The rapper has been active in the industry for over 10 years and is still doing the most and being consistent with his releases and his features.

Stogie T Explains Why Some Rappers Don't Make Good Music

The award winning rapper recently launched his Triple Distilled Podcast on his Culture Capital Network with Pristine Queen and SteveBussaGS. To commemorate the launch, they held a Q&A on Twitter where fans could feel free to ask any questions to the three hosts.

One fan took the opportunity to highlight that he feels between 2013 to 2017 SA Hip Hop took over the country as the best genre. He also says that we have to do everything we can to go back to that era. His tweet read, “From 2013 till 2017 SA Hip Hop took over South Africa as the best genre and ever endorsement were going to Hip Hop Acts, Now in 2021 what do we have to do to go back to that Era or even suppass it. #AskTDP“.

The Dunno rapper responded to the fan writing that he doesn’t think that he feels it could’ve been true but his opinion is dependent on what he uses to measure it. He then mentioned that if he used charts to measure then it could be a possibility but if he used viability then he would strongly disagree.

I am not sure it is true that this was the best era and what you use to measure it by. Cuz if you say charts then maybe, but If you say viability I would say no, there way more rappers today who are sustainable than back then.” Stogie wrote.

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