YoungstaCPT Drops ‘Kleurling’ Music Video Off His Debut Album ‘3T’

YoungstaCPT Drops ‘Kleurling’ Music Video Off His Debut Album ‘3T’. Award winning rapper YoungstaCPT is one rapper in the SA Hip Hop industry who is an amazing storyteller. The Cape Town native has always stood proud of his Cape heritage and always educates his fans about the richness of his family history and the history of all Coloured people.

YoungstaCPT Reveals Why He Gave His 2019 SA Hip Hop Award To His Grandfather

The Cape of Good Hope hitmaker took to twitter to announce the release of his new music video Kleuring from his SAMA award winning album 3T. The music video was directed by Stanley John Agency. Youngsta’s tweet read, “‘KLEURLING’ [coloureds] MUSIC VIDEO OUT NOW Directed by Stanley John Agency taken off my 2019 debut album ‘3T’ OUT NOW“.

Youngsta has dropped a number of music videos from his debut album. He has produced visuals for The Cape Of Good Hope, To Live And Die in CA, 1000 Mistakes, For Coloured Girls, La Familie amongst others.

In the YouTube description of the music video, the heavyweight rapper explains that he wrote Kleurling in 2018 because he felt that the authentic coloured narrative had not been properly decoded. His his songs like SALUTAS and Wes-Kaap did not detail the coloured condition and what it was like to be a coloured person in the world.

He continues to write, “Coloured people have an individual history as indigenous people of South Africa. They were named ‘Coloured’ and stripped of their tribal titles. What was given to us as a means of shame we now wear as a badge of pride and honour and even though it is something we should not perpetuate to the next generation, those who were affected by it shouldn’t be embarrassed but be proud as we are the ones who now survived that storm.

Further more he mentions that the music video was shot at the District Six Museum in Cape Town, Mitchell’s Plain and Westbury in Johannesburg. He shot in different areas because he wanted to show that there are similarities in environments even though they are very separated.

Check out the music video here:

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