Zola 7 Explains Why He Gets Emotional About The Best Song He’s Ever Made

Zola 7 Explains Why He Gets Emotional About The Best Song He’s Ever Made. Zola 7 is easily identified as one of South African music’s legends! The rapper and television host has changed the lives of many South Africans with his music and his television shows and continues to be an inspiration to many across the country.

Zola 7 Opens Up About His Massive Weight Loss And Battles With His Health

Zola was the most recent celebrity guest on MacG’s ‘Podcast and chill’. The two got into some heavy topics, including Zola’s music, his battles with his health and his kids. MacG asked Zola what he feels in his opinion is the best song he’s ever made. Zola answered him and said he can’t finish the track but MacG is welcome at his studio to listen to it.

Zola 7 mentioned that every time he tries to record the song he cries and that the song is about his son that he has not seen for years. He explained that his 10-year-old did live in Joburg but moved to KwaZulu-Natal. He said that he had been to visit his son but no one opened the gate to let him in.

My son was here in Joburg and then one day I drove to see him, he was staying at Cresta and then I got there and I found an empty flat and that was it. So he better not come back one day 10 years from now and ask me things I won’t be able to answer.

I’ll try as a dad but I just uh… these things happen. We all carry some kind of a burden inside. Some are way to painful some are light. Some are just mysterious but it’ll probably the same situation that happened between me and my dad. We’ll probably have a conversation and then I’ll tell him my side of the story.” Zola explained.

He mentioned that if he was sitting next to him in that moment, he’d just hold him.

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