Zola 7 Opens Up About His Massive Weight Loss And Battles With His Health

Zola 7 Opens Up About His Massive Weight Loss And Battles With His Health. Zola 7 is a legend in the SA Hip Hop industry. Not only has he made waves in music, he has also opened doors for a lot of South Africans whilst being on television.

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The Bonginkosi collaborator was MacG’s most recent guest on the Podcast and Chill series. He discussed topics around his music, his kids and his future plans in the industry. The rapper also discussed his battles with his health and his weight loss with MacG.

He mentioned that in the past year he has had a rough battle with his health and because of it lost a lot of weight. He mentioned that his size dropped down from a 42 to a 32 because of his health.

You see this? I was 42, I’m 32 now. I lost a lot of weight over the past one year. I was extremely sick, I was home. I was shaking, I was sweating. Oprin was there everyday looking after me. Not a single day in gym, it just happened naturally. And uh, that’s when we had to go and see ama Neurologists and stuff and everything. There’s another nice guy there called uDr Chorus who had to check me and stuff.

Senza ama Blood tests, abo CT scan and all of those things. Because now, everybody around me was afraid ukuthi I’m gonna join the rest of the clan. I’m gonna die too and I’m gonna end up hero’s acre.” Zola explained.

He continued to mention that he couldn’t eat and that he got a lot of natural medications from Dr Sebi to use while he was sick. He mentioned that he takes pills twice a day every day in order to keep healthy. He also said that he was quite sick while he was recording with Cassper Nyovest but the songs and music video had to be done.

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