An Unexpected Celebrity Challenges Big Zulu To A Boxing Match, Big Zulu Accepts

An Unexpected Celebrity Challenges Big Zulu To A Boxing Match, Big Zulu Accepts. With all the noise about Celebrity boxing matches, fans and celebrities themselves are quite confident that they can take on others in a heated match up. Big Zulu has already accepted a challenge from King Monada and it seems as if another celebrity wants in on a match with the Mali Eningi hitmaker.

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After Big Zulu posted his training video on his Twitter page, actor and television personality, Siv Ngesi commented on the video and challenged Big Zulu to a match saying even if he carries an extra weight of 20KG he could knock Big Zulu out in one round. Big Zulu dismissed Siv’s confidence writing, “Ayaphupha wena“.

Having started off the celebrity boxing match conversation, Cassper joined their interaction saying that he’ll put the fight together and noted to Siv that Big Zulu’s size might be a problem for him. “Okay Siv. Lemme put it together. While we wait for Princess to grow a pair and fight me like he promised before chickening out. Ima call you and Big Zulu and I’ll make the event happen. I think Big Zulu size gonna be a problem Siv but re tla reng ? #CelebrityBoxing” Cassper tweeted.

Siv said that his only problem might be deciding which round to knock Big Zulu out in. To which Big Zulu calmy responded by saying that he’ll wait for Siv.

Big Zulu also accepted singer songwriter King Monada‘s challenge for a boxing match as well. Fans weighed in on the pros and cons of their match up with fans pointing out that King Monada might be faster than Big Zulu but Big Zulu stayed confident in the fact that he could probably knock him out in one round, with just one hand.

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