Big Xhosa On Why He Directed A Part Of His New Single To ‘Trust Fund Babies’

Big Xhosa On Why He Directed A Part Of His New Single To ‘Trust Fund Babies’. Big Xhosa’s new single I Hate Me Too has sparked a massive conversation on social media. Big Xhosa brought out his alter ego, SOS for the single and took a swipe at everyone’s favourite rapper and even Podcast And Chill.

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Recently the NINYLE rapper opened up his Twitter platform for fans to ask him questions using #AskSOS. Fans asked him a range of questions including where in the Eastern Cape he’s from, if he wants to stay independent and more. One tweep asked Big Xhosa why he directed a part of his new single to ‘Trust Fund Babies’.

He explained to the tweep that he feels most of his haters are people who don’t fully understand real life struggles and on face value, most of the haters appear to be ‘Trust Fund Babies’.

I mean that coz most of my haters are cheeseboys and cheese girls who don’t really understand real life strugles. That’s not generally for anyone specific but seens I been seeing that a lot of people who hate me look like they trustfund babies #AskSOS“.

Big Xhosa also directed a part of the track to Podcast And Chill after Sol Phenduka expressed that his single featuring iFani was trash. He continued to say that he found the title of the song iKuku Endala disgusting. In the track Big Xhosa rapped “When I’m doing good you never mention my name. First time you talk about me you talking trash, sounds like hate to me. F*ck you and your podcast, I want my pockets fat.

Sol Phenduka responded to the diss in shock, saying that Big Xhosa can diss him all he wants and that people are forgetting besides saying the song was trash, he commended him for being a good rapper.

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