Sol Phenduka Responds To Big Xhosa’s Diss On His New Single ‘I Hate Me Too’: “God Bless You”

Sol Phenduka Responds To Big Xhosa’s Diss On His New Single ‘I Hate Me Too’: “God Bless You”. Big Xhosa certainly does not take it lightly when he bad comments are made about his artistry. The rapper came into the industry guns blazing and immediately had all eyes on him.

Sol Phenduka On Big Xhosa's Collaboration With IFani: "Why Would Big Xhosa Do That?"

Big Xhosa recently collaborated with iFani on iKuku Endala that didn’t land so well with SA Hip Hop fans. Sol Phenduka mentioned on the latest episode of Podcast And Chill that he thought the title of the song was disgusting and called the song trash. He asked his podcast co-hosts why Big Xhosa would do that. Sol did however commend SOS for his flow saying he was good.

The comment did not land well with Big Xhosa leading SOS to come out dropping a track titled I Hate Me Too, where he addressed all his haters and even addressed Podcast And Chill rapping, “When i’m doing good you never mention my name. First time you talk about me you talking trash, sounds like hate to me. F*ck you and your podcast I want my pockets fat.

Sol Phenduka took to Twitter to acknowledge the diss in the track writing, “Wait. I got dissed by Big Xhosa???“. Using a photo of Cassper Sol wrote that Big Xhosa can diss him all he wants but his joy can’t be taken away.

You can diss me all you want my brother. You can’t take my joy. God bless you and I love you Big Xhosa.“.

A tweep asked Sol if he plans to retaliate. Sol responded mentioning that he won’t because they love him on Podcast And Chill and did mention that SOS is a dope rapper.

The track has already been viewed over 40 000 times in under 24 hours.

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