Big Xhosa Drops New Single As SOS: “SA Hip Hop Is My B*tch”

Big Xhosa Drops New Single As SOS: “SA Hip Hop Is My B*tch”. Big Xhosa‘s alter ego SOS steps out once in a while to deliver some bars that are far different from what Big Xhosa offers. Fans of his recently saw SOS feature on Big Xhosa’s freestyle to Drake’s Lemon Pepper Freestyle.

Big Xhosa Says He's Quitting Music And Has Found His True Calling

Big Xhosa recently took to Twitter to announce that he is bringing SOS out for a track while Big Xhosa takes a little rest. He dropped a new single titled I Hate Me Too where he reflects on what people have been saying about him as an artist, adding tweets as well as a snippet of the latest episode of Podcast And Chill where Sol Phenduka says his track featuring iFani is track.

In the track, SOS raps, “I’m getting bigger than my favourite rapper, tell me who the f*ck does it better than me.” He continues rapping, “I’m the hottest in the country, you just gotta admit. Treat the game how I want too, SA Hip Hop is my b*tch“.

Toward the end of the single SOS turns to dissing MacG’s podcast saying, “When I’m doing good you never mention my name. First time you talk about me you talking trash, sounds like hate to me. F*ck you and your podcast, I want my pockets fat.

The video has been out for less than 24 hours and is already sitting at over 28 000 views. Big Xhosa is no stranger to scoring high views on his music videos and it comes normal for him. On his single with iFani titled iKuKu Endala, he has already racked up over 120 000 views.

Big Xhosa has been guns blazing since dropping his diss track to all of SA Hip Hop NINYILE. Since then he has dropped a number of music videos and continues to be consistent in his releases.

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