Blxckie Explains Inspiration Behind His Famous ‘Ye Ye Ye Ye’ Adlib

Blxckie Explains Inspiration Behind His Famous ‘Ye Ye Ye Ye’ Adlib. Blxckie‘s rise in SA Hip Hop has been incredible to watch. He recently dropped his debut album B4Now and SA Hip Hop has been raving about it since it’s release. The album also debuted at number one on Apple Music.

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The Big Time Sh’lappa hitmaker recently featured on the POPradio with Ms Cosmo and Scoop Makhathini. The three got into Blxckie’s move from Durban to Johannesburg, his debut album and his rise in SA Hip Hop. Just before the interview ended, Scoop mentioned that he asked Blxckie off camera what the inspiration was behind his ‘Ye Ye Ye Ye’ adlib so they set up the cameras again so Blxckie could answer the question.

Blxckie revealed that he thinks he might’ve gotten the inspiration from Snoop Dogg’s hit single featuring Pharrell Williams Beautiful.

For the longest time I thought I came up with it myself. This is the first time! This is an exclusive! The reason why it’s an excusive is cause I was thinking about it a lot like recently cause I’ve been getting the question a lot. I used to think I came up with it myself like during the first 21 days of lockdown. But then as I said, I think about myself a lot and like my thought process and whatever.

I think it comes from the Pharrell song with… I don’t know I think it’s called Beautiful or something. The one that goes, baby girl… I just want you to know… So the song goes oh oh oh oh. Then it goes ye ye ye ye. So that’s where I think it comes from“.

Scoop and Ms Cosmo laughed off Blxckie’s explanation saying it’s a great story.

Blxckie uses the adlib in almost every song of his and created a track featuring Nasty C around the adlib titled Ye x4.

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