Blxckie Shares His Thoughts On Where He Feels The Durban Hip-Hop Scene Is Currently

Blxckie Shares His Thoughts On Where He Feels The Durban Hip-Hop Scene Is Currently. Durban has produced some of the biggest music acts in the country and continues to outshine other South African cities in their artistry. The likes of Nasty C, LucasRaps, Zakwe, and Duncan all come from Durban and are killing it in SA Hip Hop.

Blxckie Reacts To One Million Views On His Breakout Single 'Big Time Sh'lappa'

Blxckie recently joined Ms Cosmo and Scoop on POPradio and the three got into a number of topics including Blxckie’s growth in SA Hip Hop, and his debut album B4Now amongst other topics.

Ms Cosmo asked Blxckie where he felt the Durban Hip Hop scene is right now as it has been a conversation that has previously been had in terms of Durban rappers fighting for a top spot in Johannesburg. Blxckie took a moment to answer her question and said,

I don’t know. I feel like the people are very uninspired. The kids are very uninspired to do their thing. The only people that I know that are really doing Hip Hop are like my friends. There’s no one outside of my friendship circle that’s actually tryna make it in like Hip Hop.

Some people left, some people switched genres they wanna do Piano now, so it’s like… I don’t know, it’s very scattered and it’s different types of Hip Hop in Durban. There’s like the Kasi like Zakwe and Duncan and them and there’s like us. Just trying to do it the more melodic route, the more trap route. So yeah it’s very scattered, it’s a very weird situation in Durban right now.

Blxckie has stayed true to his Durban roots and collaborated with Nasty C and LucasRaps onn his debut album B4Now. Ye x 4 and Big Time Sh’lappa are two of Blxckie’s biggest songs and are the two tracks that have music videos too.

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