Blxckie Speaks On What Led Him To Discover His Singing Voice

Blxckie Speaks On What Led Him To Discover His Singing Voice. Blxckie is SA Hip Hop’s latest rising star. The young rapper made a huge move from Durban to Johannesburg to outshine and become one of the best in the game. Through the success of his debut album B4Now he has grown to become South Africa’s most watched Hip Hop artist right now.

Blxckie Explains How His Complexion Inspired His Rap Name

Blxckie was recently hosted by JollyBoy Theo on A Jolly Good Show to speak about his music and his come up as a young rapper in the industry. JollyBoy Theo asked Blxckie about his performance of his single David on The Wooden Stool and how most people had an expectation that he would rap, and asked him what inspired him to discover his singing voice.

I’ve been singing. I’ve been really melodic with the sound you know tryna mix in bars and you know different chops and flows and stuff. Even the song you’re talking about the I’m so lit, it’s not really like a rapping verse. It’s like a more melodic and stuff like that. I can rap but then it gets kinds boring sometimes, cause you can’t do like dope backings and you can’t make it sound like there’s more than one of you.

I like that type of sound and the songs that were dropping during the 21 days were like that type of sound and Sallie was making those beats that were like okay yeah, I gotta sing on these I gotta rap on these. So yeah, I kinda discovered it there, also the mixing and stuff Sallie was dope at making the vocals sound like crazy. So yeah, I learnt most of that from him. But yeah, during that 21 days is when I realized that I can do more than just rapping.

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