Cassper Reveals The Big Night His Son Was Conceived And If He Was Planned Or An Accident

Cassper Reveals The Big Night His Son Was Conceived And If He Was Planned Or An Accident. Besides his music and business deals, Cassper’s son baby Khotso is his biggest pride and joy. Every chance the successful rapper gets to show his son off, he certainly takes.

Pic! Cassper Gives Baby Khotso A Haircut And Adds Some Classic Nyovest Flavour To It

The rapper recently featured on Beauty Influencer Mihali Ndamase’s YouTube channel in a video where Cassper was tasked with doing Mihlai’s make up while she asked him questions. Right off the bat, Mihlali asked Cassper how fatherhood has been for him so far and he said that it has been amazing for him and revealed that he planned to have baby Khotso with his partner Thobeka Majozi. The rapper also revealed when baby Khotso was conceived.

First of all my child was planned. So it wasn’t a mistake or it wasn’t too much pressure on me because a lot of us who are young, we can’t have kids cause we were having raw sex. And then, when you have raw sex reproduction happens right. So that’s not what happened with me. Me and my partner spoke about it and we planned, and I actually made my child on my birthday. Right after Fill Up Royal Bafokeng.

So, I wasn’t eating meat for three months before I made my kid so I was mad healthy. That’s why my child is gorgeous, besides the fact that his mom is beautiful“.

Cassper dedicated his latest album release to baby Khotso, naming the album Any Minute Now in anticipation for his birth. He put an image of baby Khotso’s ultrasound on the album’s cover and said he was excited about fatherhood. Thobeka gave birth to baby Khotso on the 14th of September 2020. The rapper is all about giving baby Khotso a part of him. He recently gave his son the a haircut and of course added some old school Nyovest flavour.

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