“He’s Like A Brother”, Mihlali Ndamase On Riky Rick

“He’s Like A Brother”, Mihlali Ndamase On Riky Rick. Being the super influencer that she is, it’s inevitable that Mihlali would mix with some of South Africa’s top celebs. She recently featured Cassper Nyovest on her most recent YouTube video and the video gained a massive number of views. She has grown to become one of Mzansi’s top beauty influencers over the years and even scored a spot on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list.

Hip Hop DJs Banques and Venom recently launched their podcast on YFM’s YouTube channel ‘The Banques and Venom show’. They have hosted a number of Mzansi’s top celebs and go in depth about their careers and ask the questions that everyone has on their on their minds.

They have hosted Major League DJz, Uncle Vinny, DBN Gogo, and most recently, beauty influencer Mihlali Ndamase. They asked Mihlali a number of questions including what her biggest cheque has been, and what exactly she does. DJ Banques asked Mihlali who her celebrity crush is and after mentioning Drake he asked her to keep it local and said she doesn’t have any South African crushes.

Venom asked Mihlali how she felt about Big Zulu and to her surprise, she didn’t know who he was. After Venom tried to describe one of Big Zulu’s songs as “the song with Riky” she still couldn’t put her finger on who he was. She mentioned that there are celebrities that she finds attractive but she doesn’t necessarily want to be with them.

She explained that one rapper she finds attractive is UNGAZCINSHI hit maker Riky Rick but she explained that he’s like a brother to her. She also mentioned that she finds finds both hosts attractive.

Mihlali has always kept to herself about her relationships with celebrities and keeps them on the down low.

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