Khuli Chana Admits To Detaching From His Old Music And Shares How He Feels About Fans Who ‘Miss The Old Khuli’

Khuli Chana Admits To Detaching From His Old Music And Shares How He Feels About Fans Who ‘Miss The Old Khuli’. Khuli Chana is arguably one of the best South African rappers in the history of the genre. The multi award winning rapper has solidified himself as an OG in the game and continues to break boundaries in the industry.

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The rapper recently joined The Citizen for an interview about his new single Buyile featuring Stino Le Thwenny, Lady Du and Tyler ICU amongst other things including his recently announced deal with Universal Music.

He also spoke about how felt when fans would tell him that they want the ‘old Khuli’ back. He mentioned that it used to touch him that people would say that to him but he says he understands where people were coming from. He expressed that while recording Buyile it felt like he was the old Khuli, not overthinking and just having pure fun with the music.

The Tswa Daar hitmaker also admitted to feeling detached to his music. “I did detach from my old music, I listened to my first album for the first time in years. Listening to it blew my mind.” He told the interviewer.

Khuli has mentioned in a previous interview that he is gearing up to release an EP titled KhuliYano. He highlighted that he was inspired by his wife, DJ Laimez Holworthy amongst other things. The two have travelled together on various gigs and Khuli said that he loves how everybody just enjoys themselves when it comes to amapiano. He added that although he loves Hip Hop there are too many politics in the genre.

The rapper also dropped the music video for his single Buyile and fans cannot get enough of it. Khuli Chana has always been one to explore with his sound and collaborate with different artists on certain tracks.

Read the full interview here: ‘It used to touch me when people said, I miss the old Khuli’ | The Citizen

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