Nota On Whether Cassper Made More Money Than AKA In 2020

Nota On Whether Cassper Made More Money Than AKA In 2020. The rivalry between AKA and Cassper has been going on for most of both of their careers. The two award winning rappers are always gunning at each other to determine who the best rapper is between them. Nota might have something to share about which one of them made more money than the other.

Cassper Claps Back At Assumptions That He Only Spoke About The University Protests Because Of AKA

Nota made an appearance on the Everything SA Music podcast with his father, alongside hosts Rea Gopane and Blvck Steph. The four got into conversation about Amapiano, his relationship with Kwesta and also dove into AKA’s comments about being being the notable South African celebrity that single handedly built the industry.

Gopane was of the opinion that Cassper had made more money in 2020 than AKA did, and Nota quickly brushed off the opinion saying it wasn’t true. Nota continued to compare AKA’s business moves to Cassper’s saying that the brands Cassper associates with did not make their own version of the product for the rapper.

Look, at the end of the day Cassper’s the type of guy who will rent a Rolls Royce for a month just to show off with it. At the end of the day, what was he making? It’s not like Play Energy Drink made it’s own version. It’s not like they made their own version of the whole entire thing, and also that Samsung deal wasn’t as lucrative as he’s making it out to be. It’s just more long term.” Nota explained.

Nota also spoke greatly about AKA’s deal with Cruz saying that there are no other celebrities who have secured a deal where adverts of their products are continuously playing on television in between football games. He also agreed with AKA’s comments about celebrities attached to alcohol brands in South Africa saying that celebrities are hopping onto the wagon and securing their own alcohol deals.

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