Riky Rick Addresses The Need For COVID-19 Vaccines For SA Artists And The People Behind Their Success

Riky Rick Addresses The Need For COVID-19 Vaccines For SA Artists And The People Behind Their Success. The COVID-19 pandemic has been a nightmare for SA Artists. It has affected artists incomes greatly since most artists make most of their money from touring. There has been much conversation about the vaccine roll out in South Africa and due to slow roll outs, everyone has been affected in some way or another.

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Riky Rick marched alongside the EFF on the 25th of June 2021, when the party marched to the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority offices to demand that more vaccines be supplied to South Africa. The UNGAZINCISHI hit maker addressed thousands of the party’s supporters saying he was at the march to bring support to the issue of vaccines in South Africa.

He mentioned that citizens have been waiting for over 16 months for a solution for the country’s economy to open up and also expressed that while SA artists are also waiting for solutions, there are thousands of people behind the artists who are also waiting for a solution and they are sitting at home without any work.

Thousands and thousands of them, that never get their face on the TV. They never get their face in the magazine. They never get to do an interview on the TV station. We’ve been going through these lockdowns and we’re asking for one simple thing. Parties aside, ANC aside, DA aside, EFF aside.

It’s not about your political stance, it’s not about what you have to loose from those who are feeding you. It’s about making sure we do this with urgency and we do this fast, before we go into a fourth lockdown, and a fifth lockdown and a sixth lockdown. By December we need to have the whole of South Africa vaccinated no other way.

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