SA Rappers Question The Government’s Leadership After The Announcement Of Level 4 Lockdown

SA Rappers Question The Government’s Leadership After The Announcement Of Level 4 Lockdown. Musicians have been greatly affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic. It forced many South Africans to lose their main sources of income, and had our rappers looking for other ways to continue making a living.

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President Cyril Ramaphosa recently announced that South Africa will be headed into adjusted Level 4 Lockdown after COVID-19 cases surged across the country. Due to the new regulations, musicians will be unable to perform at events as gatherings are no longer permitted and nightclubs, restaurants and other social spaces.

The news has put a damper on SA rappers and many of them took to their social media to react to the news. Fire in the Ghetto rapper Kwesta, wrote that the Government has been responsible for some of his darkest thoughts and toughest times, writing that some people will go broke as the pandemic continues to affect South Africans.

“The government has been the cause of some of my darkest thoughts and toughest times. It’s not my niggas. It’s not my “enemies”… It’s them! It’s all of them! The worst part is that they’ll live to see the otherside of Covid and watch all of us go broke and die.

Cassper mentioned that due to the new COVID-19 regulations, he will be unable to launch his original sneaker with Drip Footwear. He further tweeted that he hopes South Africans make it out alive, writing, “We are doomed!!! Finished!!! Done!!! Yall stay safe out there. Hope we make it out alive atleast cause our livelihoods are officially gone. Re mo masepeng!!!

Rouge wrote that the solution to South Africa’s problems are vaccines and not lockdowns.

Riky Rick gave his opinion about which stakeholders he feels the government should be working with to ensure smoother vaccine roll outs.

Boity reacted to the Presidency’s tweet about the new Level 4 regulations writing that the new is “Devastating“.

Nadia Nakai had been in isolation after she announced that she was COVID-19 positive. This was her reaction to the Level 4 lockdown.

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