Scoop’s Opinion On Industry Support: “Women Do Not Support Each Other Unless It’s About GBV”

Scoop’s Opinion On Industry Support: “Women Do Not Support Each Other Unless It’s About GBV”. The conversations around how women support each other in the music industry specifically the SA Hip Hop industry have been going on for quite some time now. The SA Hip Hop industry is home to only a handful of rappers who are women in the industry and there is still a lack of support between them.

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Scoop Makhathini and Ms Cosmo recently hosted DJ Zan D for the latest episode of the POPcast where they unpacked a number of topics including looking at some brand new music releases, celebrating the impact of Major League DJz and the support between women in the SA Hip Hop industry. The conversation was sparked while the three spoke about Miss Pru‘s Double Platinum achievement on her SAMA nominated single Price To Pay.

Ms Cosmo added that women are generally undermined in the industry with DJ Zan D mentioning that no one undermines her or Nadia Nakai with Ms Cosmo saying that she does get undermined when it comes to her music releases.

Scoop spoke on the topic saying that men support each other even if they have beef but the same can’t be said about women. In his opinion, women also stand a chance to be overlooked in the industry. He continues to say that we have to be honest about the industry. He spoke on how Miss Pru does not do media runs and even though Blaq Diamond doesn’t either, the difference is that they are men compared to Miss Pru.

She has her fill of accolades and awards and you know she does hits. Does she want to be recognized and clapped for or does she wanna just kill and be in the background. It’s difficult when you are asking us to do something that even the artist isn’t doing. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that, I’m saying it’s nice but we can’t kill ourselves for not giving props when someone isn’t adamant on showing us haibo! You’re forgetting me“.

Again, It’s not just music. On all levels, I feel women do not support each other. Unless it’s about GBV“.

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