Social Media Left With Questions After Cassper Announced His R100M Deal With Drip Footwear

Social Media Left With Questions After Cassper Announced His R100M Deal With Drip Footwear. Cassper recently brought together journalists and close friends at The Leonardo Hotel in Sandton to announce a R100M deal with Drip Footwear’s CEO Lekau Sehoana.

The rapper was congratulated by SA Hip Hop fans and other South African celebrities on the achievement. Congratulations came in from Black Coffee, DJ Franky, Rouge, George Avakian, DJ D Double D, and Zakwe. Some social media users were left with some questions about the R100M deal as there wasn’t information about the deal given during the announcements.

Some users questioned the validity of the R100M deal and had a mountain of questions for the rapper and the successful CEO. Social media commentator Phil Mphela asked what the valuation of Drip Footwear was and also questioned how the deal guarantees Cassper the amount of money agreed upon.

Whats Drip brand’s valuation? What is the investment or partnership structure of the deal? How does Drip guarantee Cassper or his company the set earning? What is Drip’s current profit margins? Did anyone at the press conference get answers to these questions? #R100Million“.

One tweep wrote, “Y’all think R100 million is a joke, stop lying to black people and calling it PR!“.

Another tweep said that R100 Million is a lot of money and said that the deal is undermining people’s intelligence. “R100 million is a lot of money you know. A lot of money. Our intelligence is being undermined and ppl are being sold fugeyzi dreams. But I don’t even have R50 000 so it’s better to just keep quiet.“.

One tweep also questioned it saying that Addidas and Nike wouldn’t offer that amount to Siya Kolisa and asked how Drip is offering R100M to a rapper.

Other tweeps had more questions for Lekau Sehoana and Cassper

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