Zola 7 Shuts Down Rumours That He Is Ill After An Image Of Him Does The Rounds On Social Media

Zola 7 Shuts Down Rumours That He Is Ill After An Image Of Him Does The Rounds On Social Media. Zola 7 is one of SA Hip Hop’s most inspiring characters. His music has helped many people over the years, and he continues to be a big inspiration to all his fans.

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An image of Zola 7 recently went viral where a Twitter user claimed that he is sickly and needs help. The Twitter user continued to say that if anyone can help Zola they should reach out and assist where possible.

Zola 7 is not okay, apparently he has epilepsy and he is a also struggling. If you can reach out to help to lend a helping hand please do I know we as South Africans love and appreciate Zola 7, we will do anything to help him“.

According to a report by Daily Sun, close friends of Zola 7 visited him at his home and confirmed that the legend was strong and cheerful upon their arrival. They told Daily Sun that Zola was bubbly, cracking jokes and throwing it back to the old days as he usually does.

The news report continues to mention that Zola himself said that he was okay and that he was just silently taking time to work on other things.

When he featured on MacG’s ‘Podcast And Chill’ he mentioned that he had a rough battle with his health and dropped ten sizes in his clothing because of it. He revealed that he was home, sweating and shaking and never had to work out to lose the weight. He also used natural medications from Dr Sebi.

Zola 7 also told MacG that when he was on set recording music videos with Cassper he was quite sick but nonetheless he pushed through because the work had to be done.

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