Boity Reacts To Tweeps Digging Up Old Cassper Relationship Tweets

Boity Reacts To Tweeps Digging Up Old Cassper Relationship Tweets. Rapper Boity recently found out how the internet never forgets, as fans have sharp memories and are always ready with the files of her past. There are memories that a person would rather forget or not think about, however, if you are a public figure that is often easier said than done.

Boity’s fans do not want her to forget about her past relationships and they decided to remind the star of the time when she was in love with rapper Cassper Nyovest. The Bakae hitmaker must have had her Twitter notifications going crazy after her fans dug up her old tweet from 2015 and started commenting on it.

Tweeps found themselves reminiscing over the old tweet that Boity shared in 2015 when she was still dating the Phumakim hitmaker. At the time, Boity shared a picture of her and Cassper kissing and in her caption, she wrote, “You made me feel so incredibly special. What more can a girl ask for? @CassperNyovest. Yes, #itsLegit”. Cassper responded to his then girlfriend’s tweet and wrote. “@Boity u are a queen. My dream girl. My ultimate. The most beautiful woman in the world. Perfection!!! Wanna show you off to the whole world”.

Both Boity and Cassper have since moved on and are both dating different people, Cassper has even welcomed a child, despite these facts, fans still had fun commenting on the old tweet about the old relationship. Tweeps commented things such as “It ended in tears”, “2021 We are here to celebrate failure” and “I can’t believe we just re-landed in 2015, life ke the matrix”.

Boity did not respond to any of the comments on her old tweet but she definitely did see them as she shared a tweet that was directed at the old tweet been dug up. “Y’all are hella annoying! Relentless! ????????? Good night!” tweeted the rapper. Her fans were clearly enjoying going down memory lane and bought the conversation to the comments of her new tweet.

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