Cassper Explains What Took SA Hip Hop ‘Down The Drain’

Cassper Explains What Took SA Hip Hop ‘Down The Drain’. Cassper Nyovest was not about to let someone take away the credit of how big hip hop is or has been in South Africa. The rapper is never one to shy away from letting his opinion be known, even if it goes against the masses and that is exactly what Cassper did when a tweep claimed that “hip hop was never big in South Africa”.

There are some SA Music fans who feel that Hip Hop was never the biggest genre in South Africa at some point. “Hip Hop was never big in South Africa. We’re a culture of dancers and have been vibing out from the days before. I saw the sun. Dance genres will always be on top,” one twitter user shared their opinion. The award-winning hip hop artist caught wind of the tweet and made sure to educate the tweep by giving him a lesson in Mzansi hip hop music.

Whilst SA Hip Hip has made Cassper a household name not just in South Ah but across the world and gave him some of the biggest hits of his career, the Siyathandana rapper has had a complicated relationship with SA Hip Hop. In recent years it has seemed to be more of a love hate relationship with the rapper feeling like the game never had love for him the same way he had love for it.

Cassper expressed this once again in his response to the twitter user saying that SA Hip Hop was the biggest genre in the from 2014 until 2017 before it was all ruined. “Hip Hop was the biggest genre in 2014-2017. The kids gave it power, the streets gave it power. At that time, everyone hip hop , supported everything hip hop. Then they created clicks which exist till today. Those clicks started hating on each other and down the drain it went,” Cassper tweeted.

It is no secret that Mzansi hip hop is filled with beef and people taking sides, fans have all witnessed how deep the ‘Good for That’ hitmaker’s beef with AKA is and lines of division in the industry have been seen. The Family Tree CEO has every right to defend hip hop music after all he has a catalogue that features some of the biggest hip hop tracks such as Gusheshe, Spirit, Doc Shebeleza and Tito Mboweni. Aside from that, Cassper empowered other rappers such as Nadia Nakai and Tshego to do the same.

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