DJ Speedsta Not Impressed By Cassper’s 990 Sneaker

DJ Speedsta Not Impressed By Cassper’s 990 Sneaker! Something tells us Cassper and DJ Speedsta’s beef is going to be around for much longer than we thought. Whilst the hip-hop DJ is all about SA Hip-Hop culture and moving it forward, he draws the line when it to Cassper. Speedsta made it clear that he’s not here for Cassper’s newly launched sneaker with Drip Footwear.

This does not come as a surprise as Cassper and Speedsta have had a couple of unpleasant exchanges on social media. It all started when Speesdta said Costa Titch had the best album of 202 and although he clarified saying it wasn’t meant to be shade towards Cassper and that he had mad love for him, it was too late from Cassper side. Since then, the rapper and the DJ have thrown subtle shade to each other on social media. From Speedsta saying Cassper doesn’t qualify to be called a celebrity to Cassper liking a fan’s tweet about viral SA Spiderman getting more gigs than Speedsta, it’s clear the two former collaborators do not like each other.

Following Cassper’s big day on Thrusday, Speedsta didn’t waste time sharing his thoughts on the Siyathandana rapper’s latest hustle saying that whilst he respects the rapper for his efforts but he would personally not be caught wearing the shoe. “Respect to the hustle. lol… That’s about it. I personally wouldn’t wear these,” Speedsta tweeted responding to DJ Jawz’s tweet applauding Cassper and Lekau on the launch of the 990 sneaker.

Whilst Cassper himself most likely ignored Speedsta’s tweet (because nothing ever misses him on twitter), his fans came to his defense calling Speesdta a hater whilst critics agreed with the DJ that they would not wear the 990 sneaker. Check out some reactions to Speedsta’s thoughts on Cassper sneaker.

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